Tuesday, June 26, 2012

019: You've got a real problem all right, and a banjo is the only answer!

So, about this pony craze spreading across the world. I'm not sure what to say about it. I actually sat down to watch a few episodes and I even found myself enjoying them. Maybe I'm not to the point of calling myself a Brony yet, but I can definitely say, "A++ will watch again." At Florida Anime Experience, I kept getting complaints about not having Pony Sprites, so here they are, pony sprites and their Time Lapses! :D

Apple Jack:

Derpy Hooves:

Rainbow Dash:
Not able to find my Rainbow Dash Time Lapse!! :(

On that Hoofshell (Get it, bombshell? but with hoofs? Derp derp) Have a good night!

Love, Beads, and Ponies,
Crackle Byte


  1. They came out amazing!!! Great work once again!

  2. These are so fantastic! I really love that you included the time lapse videos for them! I still really hope that you can make it to Fan:dom up in Pensacola! I'd love to get to meet you and see all of your work in person!