Friday, May 30, 2014

023: New website, Chiisaicon Artist Alley, and a new state!

So it's been a little over a year since my last update? Well, let's change that. How about some new news? So is open for business and fully functional! I'm quite proud of it, I am however mourning the loss of my beauty sleep. It 48 hours it went from being an available domain to a fully stocked, informational, homepage for all things beading and Brittie. Hopefully you're reading this on the front page of the new website, because if you're reading this on, it's going to be quite plain and bland. Unfortunately to make the embeded iframes work properly, I had to make my blogger as plain as possible. /nerd

"Hey look, I'm a bear making this a less text-filled entry!"

Anywho, onto other things! Steve and I are now living in Kentucky and it's beautiful and amazing and it's been so peaceful and relaxing. We're truly country folk at heart. Being the huge dorks we are, we looked into local conventions and managed to find a convention right in our town! Woo! So from August 8th through August 10th, we'll be at Chiisaicon and we are absolutely stoked! It'll be Steve's first time helping me out at a con. The proceeds from the convention are going towards helping my father whose battling Prostate Cancer take a trip around the country, so it's all going to a good cause!

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I lost a large majority of my sprites, my jewelry making supplies, my booth set-up, my beads, etc., so Steve and I are slowly trying to restock everything. So far we have about 20+ sprites made, my booth set-up is all cut out, it's just a matter of painting and putting it together, and I'm going to be doing a large bead order in the upcoming weeks.

As always, Commissions are open, feel free to ask any questions, and let's be friends. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc!

Love and Beads,
Crackle Byte