Tuesday, June 26, 2012

019: You've got a real problem all right, and a banjo is the only answer!

So, about this pony craze spreading across the world. I'm not sure what to say about it. I actually sat down to watch a few episodes and I even found myself enjoying them. Maybe I'm not to the point of calling myself a Brony yet, but I can definitely say, "A++ will watch again." At Florida Anime Experience, I kept getting complaints about not having Pony Sprites, so here they are, pony sprites and their Time Lapses! :D

Apple Jack:

Derpy Hooves:

Rainbow Dash:
Not able to find my Rainbow Dash Time Lapse!! :(

On that Hoofshell (Get it, bombshell? but with hoofs? Derp derp) Have a good night!

Love, Beads, and Ponies,
Crackle Byte

Monday, June 25, 2012

018: In my restless dreams, I see that town, Silent Hill.

You promised you'd take me there again some day, but you never did. Why not James, huh? Why not. Cause now I'm all alone and I left my wallet and I'm really hungry. 

....I mean....what? In case you didn't know, Silent Hill and I go way back. When I was 8 years old playing the first game, I told my parents I was going to get a Silent Hill tattoo. Well now I'm going to be 23 in a month and I still don't have my tattoo. I still want it though....but I digress. I made a tribute to my childhood fandom. While Silent Hill 2 may be my 3rd favorite (Silent Hill 1 and Silent Hill 3 being first and second) Pyramid Head is one of my favorite characters. And without further adieu, I present to you, P.Hizzy, as I like to call him. 

Also, while we're on the topic of horror (sort of) this was a gift for my friend Ivon's 30th Birthday:

And finally,this is a Tardis, it's bigger on the inside. :P

Stayed tuned, I'll have some ponies for you to look at soon!

Love and beads, 
Crackle Byte
Stay tur

Friday, June 8, 2012

017: For me…apples are like cigarettes and liquor for humans. If I’m deprived I go into withdrawals.

As you can tell, we're having a small obsession with Death Note right now. To the point where we're going to start working on Death Note costumes. It will be awesome, not going to give away any hints though. ;) 

It looks like in the bead forecast, there's going to be a large shipment coming our way! It's strange, 60,000 seems like such a large number, but as much as we bead, it goes pretty quickly. It crazy to think some of the smaller sprites we make are still 1000+ beads. Sure doesn't feel like that when you're putting it together. Hmm. But I digress. 

I have finally listed the Mustache Glasses over on Etsy. So if you're interested in those, feel free to take a look over there.  (Click the picture :D)
Like a sir!
Also, I have update those little pages on my blog. So get to know me, learn the next conventions I'll be attending, find out what I'm currently selling and commissioning, and check out some of the great artists I've gotten to know!

Also, I'm very ADHD when I write in this blog, so by this point you've most likely have come to the realization that I'm absolutely scatterbrained. But on that bombshell (Top Gear reference, hurr hurr), I'm wrapping this up. Have a good day internet worled!

Love and beads,
Crackle Byte